Shannon + Nate >> Elegant + Fairytale Stonewall Farms Wedding (Willmar, MN)

“No one is going to believe that this is a real wedding,” I told her as she stood in front of the mirror, minutes before the ceremony. She laughed in response, make-up brush in hand. (Look for it in the scrolling below; it was ridiculously adorable.)

But I mean, serrrriously!
I knew I was fortunate to photograph this wedding.
Having documented her sister’s day a few years back (if you thought our bride looked familiar, here’s why) I was already familiar with the S+N magic. She was the glittery bridesmaid cuddling up to that striking blond in the blue blazer. I was understandably overjoyed getting to do it all over again, this time on a grander scale, with a white dress and a classic tux for the two of them. (And with several repeat cast members! Oh, how it made my heart swell when Shannon’s mom said it felt like I was part of the family.)

So, yes.
And lawdy, was it even better than I could have anticipated.

Being in the photog roll, I’m allowed the omniscient eye on the happenings of the day.
I see Shannon before she sees Nate.
I see Nate before he sees Shannon.
And it’s in seeing the separation beforehand, that I think makes the together so much more magical.
The way these two are with one another—they get it.
Smiles were broader, expressions relaxed, and the mood elevated when they were in arms reach of each other. After that first look, they were my lil sun beams the entire day, radiating nothing but joy. (As was I, the ultimate third-wheel, cheesing hard in that radiance.)

And it was very real.
(Oh, praise!)
And they the real deal.
And these are reeeeally some of my favorite wedding portraits ever.

Congrats, S+N!

Vendor roll call!

Venue: Stonewall Farms in Willmar, Minnesota
Hair and make-up: the multi-talented Amber Voss ;)
Dress: Morilee
Bridesmaid Dresses: Sorella Vita
Floral: Flowers by Michelle
Catering: McKale's Catering
Cake: S&S Sweets and Treats