Liz + Jordan >> Engaged!

Is that what you're thinking?
Because that's what I'm thinking + have been ever since Liz + Jordan's dreamy sunflower field session.

After a lifetime in the PNW, L + J are a couple of recent transplants to rural Wisconsin. In chatting about our session, Liz knew she wanted it to look + feel like the Midwest to mark this time in their lives with some new surroundings. In particular: fields is what were callin' her name. (Easy peasy round these parts, eh?) We scheduled a session for September and everything was set. Until Instagram ruined things in the best possible way. 

WHAT. I found a sunflower field 4 hours away in Wisconsin. WHAT. I'm free tomorrow + so are they. WHAT. This weekend is the last + only time the park is open.

An impromptu road trip and spontaneous shoot later, this is what happened.
And it happens to be one of my favoritefavorite e sessions to date.
(Holy what. Holy scroll.)