Abby + Keane >> Relaxed and Elegant Barn Wedding (St. Charles, MN)

In case you were wondering how to properly balance effortless + elegant for a barn wedding, we're gonna DING DING DING Abby and Keane's big day for you. (But when your bride is so delightfully detail oriented, can you really be surprised it was all pulled off so beautifully?)

F'real though.
The entire day was a perfect blend of balance.

Abby exuded the kind of poise every bride hopes for, without sacrificing her spunk.
Keane was both serious and happy-go-lucky at the right moments, in equal measure.
The barns were classy yet comfortable, a place where you can drink your glass of wine with your pinky out, while kicking your shoes off for the next dance with your ladies. All of this following a full day of emotional moments + comedic relief. WHEW.

Cheers, K + A!
To a love well matched and a wedding well done.