Amy + Zachary >> Surprise Barn Wedding! (Oronoco, MN)

This wedding.
This wedding is everything.
I could go on.
And on.
And on.

But I know 77% of you are so amped to get to the goods, that anything I write will lovingly yet likely be skimmed. (Hey, I get it! It's like being stuck reading the card before opening the present.) So let's hit you with the abridged details, facts, and opinions so you can start scrolling ASAP, you 23% that have stuck with me.

Amy + Zachary are high school sweethearts with 8 years of loving under their belts.
A + Z invited their friends and family to an "engagement party" at a proper red barn in the countryside on a sunny Saturday.
A + Z ended up walking down the aisle instead to the awe and amazement of all gathered. (Or at least almost all gathered. I'd been bursting with this news for eons.)
A + Z threw one helluva dance party afterwards, the likes of which boasted a dessert bar with COOKIES AND MILK. Yes. Yes. And more yes.
A + Z, or at the least the A half of the equation, happens to run a successful wedding photography business herself. &There's my DROP MIC moment, now that you know each aspect was chosen by a professional, having seen the dos and don'ts, knowing what would make for the most cozy, blissful, photogenic day.

Congrats, A+Z!
Me love you long time.