Stephanie + Carson >> Glamorous Pink Wedding (Rochester, MN)

That's the word.
While there are several choice adjectives I could use, every single one of them overwhelmingly positive, this one rises to the surface in summing up Stephanie and Carson.

Being a wedding photographer grants you an interest perspective of the day. I'm with the bride as she's stepping into her gown. I see the groom as he anxiously awaits his first look with his future Mrs. And I'm only a few steps behind the two as a united couple, hours past sunset. I see everything on a day filled to the brim with meaning and emotion. And what I seemed to be continually witnessing with S & C? Gratitude. Not a casual "thanks" tossed haphazardly for anyone to catch, but Stephanie expressing deep affection and appreciation to each bridesmaid in turn. To Carson repeated thanking countless family members for their individual support and witness on such an important occasion. And also: to me and the other 3 in the photo/video crew that day. (Shout out to Amy Nguyen & the Mann Frau team!) Never for a moment did I feel like just a vendor, arbitrarily chosen. From the sweet and sentimental, to the strange and the silly, these two took nothing lightly. Not one thing for granted. And for that, they've earned an extra large gold star along with my little ol' heart.