Amy + Zachary >> Year One

"I'm looking at the weather and it's forecasted to storm but I'm not bothered by it."
Said no one ever.
Except, wait--
Amy, that badass babe, said that in an email exchange a few days before our anniversary session.

And you know what, it did storm.
And you know what, we did shoot.
And do you want to know something else: this is one of my favorite sessions to date. Because not only did I get to run around photographing a smokin' hot couple in the city, but we got to play. We experimented, tried new things, and maaaybe ruined that killer dress. (Not gonna lie, the LET'S GET WET! point of no return was a teensy bit scary, but completely thrilling.)

And not only was it fun and artistically freeing, but it was romantic as hell. Because in that "for better, for worse" vowed upon last October, there's a piece of that living in this session. The storm in our case was literal rather than figurative, but it was still the way in which A + Z chose to respond. The rain was of no consequence. The storm eventually passed. But they choose to hold hands, kiss, and slow dance on the street corner while they weathered it.

Happy YEAR ONE, you gorgeous creatures.
(Me love you long time.)