Becky + Dalton >> Romantic Golf Course Wedding (Byron, MN)

First, you shoot the engagement session. 
You get a sense of who your couple is, the first time you ask them to get cuddly and pose for a set of pictures. Sometimes you even get to meet their dog, and you finish your session fantasizing about having a sweet beagle puppy yourself.

After that, you meet for a pre-wedding chat.
You hear about how the planning is coming; chat details; and if you're lucky, you get to steal a few glances of the dress à la iPhone. (I was obviously already swooning over the elegance of Becky's gown. Sit tight, we'll get there in a sec.)

Next, you shoot the wedding.
You already know how they interact together. How they take their coffee. (Or how they don't.) But what you don't know, and where the really special part lives: how they've affected and influenced their community. Their friends, their family, their most ardent supporters. That there's a sweet little niece in one corner watching everything her auntie is doing. Witnessing the hilarious camaraderie between a group of men trying to figure out cuff links and tandem golf swings. The palpable emotion during a mother's mother/son dance, and the way their wedding crew cuts a rug on the dance floor, dancing together with joyful abandon.

And then sometimes--
You unexpectedly receive a most thoughtful gift and the sweetest card from the bride and groom. You cry. And you think GOODNESS this job is wonderful.
These people are wonderful.

Venue: Somerby Golf Club
Hair: Jody Miller
Make Up: Hair Games Etc.
Dress & Suits: White Rose Bridal
Cake: The Gingerbread House
Floral: Cindy's Wedding Designs
DJ: Music on Wheels