Family P! >> Park Portraits + The Last of Summer

When a parent warns me that they have a high energy alllmost 5-year-old, I get excited. Attention spans don't bother me. Breaks are a-okay.  And that means I'm gonna show up in my running shoes instead of worrying whether or not my subject is going to sit still. Because you wanna know what? I don't want them to sit still anyway. Because what kid has as much fun suffering through several obedient rounds of "cheese" than they do when they get to impersonate Sasquatch, racing through the park? True, Mason was a bouncy birthday boy that left me out of breath more than once (let's keep that on the DL though, k?) but that only makes me adore these portraits that much more, knowing that they're real.

Let kids be kids.
And you're gonna get the good stuff.

(Now commence scrolling for said good stuff.)