Amanda + Johnny >> Green Acres Event Center Wedding (Eden Prairie, MN)

Wanna know a little something about these epic wedding blogs?
I don’t plan what I’m going to write about in advance. Most of the time it’s an organic reflection of the things I’ve been thinking about while I’ve been compiling it, special little details I noticed about the couple or their day, or notes of gratitude that tend to reach far and wide in their subject.

Amanda and Johnny though, they’re stopping me in my tracks. And it’s not for want of any of these things, but a grand excess that’s making my heart swell. Although it makes sense, as A+J aren’t like any other. Maybe we just go on down the line?

Things I’ve been thinking about while digitally reliving this day:
How damn special this life is, and how fleeting. What a big deal love is, and the importance of freely giving it. How astonishing that one chance encounter, the both of them out as zombies on a pub crawl, could all lead here.

Little details noticed:
Or rather, the
big detail that saturated every moment in sweetness:
It already felt like A+J were married. And not just in the look-they’re-so-cute-together kind of way. Instead, it translated into a feeling that they were already upholding the vows they would soon pledge, and had actively been doing so with all that life has thrown at them in the last year. That even without a ceremony of declaration, without a day filled with cake and hair spray and out-of-state license plates in the parking lot, their bond would be no less. And as such, it felt like so much more than a day celebrating two people in love, but all the good and beautiful things in life shared with all the best people, both present and in spirit.

Notes of gratitude:
What can a girl say to fully express it all? I am so humbled for my front row seat, honored to be the keeper of memories. A+J: thank you for sharing such a brilliant day, and creating a space for us all to share in your love. You two are the real deal.

Congrats, A+J!

Vendor roll call!

Venue: Green Acres Event Center
Day-of coordinator: Angie from Hart & Sole
Bride's hair: Whitney Bass through Primped
Hairpiece: BellaViaDesigns
Bridesmaid's hair: Jules through Primped
Dresses: Mestad's
Alterations: Than Madson at TM Alterations
Officiant: Greg Stoks
Catering: Green Mill
Dessert: Miss Sara's Cakery
DJ: Randy Karja