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Josiah + Rachel >> Rochester, MN Wedding!

Josiah + Rachel >> Rochester, MN Wedding!

The first time I met Josiah was last October. We had just wrapped an incredible engagement session and were saying our extended goodbyes in that slow Minnesotan way, leaning up against our respective vehicles. Before we parted ways, I asked Josiah what drew him to Rachel, hoping to further connect the dots in their love story. Rather than shrug it off with a joke and a grin, coming up with a quick flattery for his betrothed, his mood shifted. He became thoughtful. Introspective. He took a few moments to compose his answer, and what he said still makes me tear up whenever I think back on it.

New paragraph.

Because, yeah. I'm completely gonna leave you hanging on that one. Rather than misquote the beautiful sentiments Josiah shared with me, I want to focus not on the what but the how. Because isn't intent the most important piece of any action anyhow?

And then there's Rachel. Several years later, I distinctly recall the first time I photographed our lovely bride. A senior in high school, a cook at the local cafe, she knew I had an ongoing love affair for a certain peanut butter chocolate confection I would stop in so regularly to indulge in. And so: she baked me a whole pan as a thank you. WHOLE pan. Those sweet gestures (... pun!) are everything. It's a gracious thoughtfulness. It's heartfelt intent. And it's completely in line with the heart of Josiah's devotion and adoration. It's loooove, guys!

Now how bout some photos, yeah?!

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