Taylor + Brittlyn >> Engaged!

Can I let you in on a little secret?
I've never done a golden hour session in the AM before.
I've either been too nervous to suggest it, and/or my couple has flat out said they aren't morning people.
Because really, who wants to voluntarily wake up before the sun to curl your hair and road trip out to a cold and empty field, still wet with dew? I get it. Most days I'm in the same camp. 
But when Brittlyn and Taylor told me they were game for it, WHOOP, I was settin' that alarm clock with nothing but excitement and anticipation.

For a photographer, good light is the holy grail. (Fact.)
And an opportunity to experience a familiar location with a new perspective makes most of us giddy. (... Probably fact.)
All of this combined with an open willingness on the part of B + T, meant they were already down for anything in pursuit of getting the shot, even if that entailed watching their breath trail behind them as they strolled through the woods, sans jackets. 

&Well, we ended up getting more than just the shot.
We got lots and lots and lots and lots and: