Trent + Erika >> Engaged!

How do you know when you reallyreallyreally love a session?
We're going to figure this out in an organized, scientific manner. 

Do you want to print large versions of this session for your home?
More than one?
Do you want these large, multiple versions even though you're not the subject and have no existing connection to this couple?
Prints aside, are you finding after scrolling that you fiercely want a floppy hat, corduroy skirt, and a gorgeous dog?
Have you answered YES the whole way through?

Me too.

Although I am happy to report that I do have a connection with these babes now. After the most perfectly wonderful afternoon, exploring the woods of Wisconsin, I am firmly in the Trent + Erika + Bentley fan club. You don't get photos like these on accident. They come when a couple is passionate about each. Passionate about life. And is willing to open themselves up to my camera and me. Can we please get a CLAPCLAP for such an all star couple? I'm not exaggerating an ounce when I say this is one of my favorite sessions since my career began.