Nate + Annie >> Joyful + Timeless Mayowood Stone Barn Wedding (Rochester, MN)

Nate is the kind of guy that makes you imagine his former schoolteachers referring to him as a “good kid” who was probably either voted most likely to succeed or most charismatic.
Meanwhile, Annie is the kind of person that was probably always wearing 16 different friendship bracelets on her wrist at any given time, so full of joy and undiscriminating warmth. Also, probably the Homecoming Queen that everyone actually liked.
(Am I close, am I close??)

Either way, you’ve probably got the beginnings of a portrait of what it might be like being around these two. Uplifting. Fun. And just good, you know? After that’s been mulled and solidified, times it by 4 and it’s a more accurate picture of how damn lovely this whole day was with A+N & co.

& co:
One of the things I really enjoy about shooting weddings, is seeing a couple I already adore—”Eric, I love them so much, I can’t wait!” were my words coming back from a meeting at the brewery with them—surrounded by their whole crew of supporters. It better informs me of who they are, and connects me to their story. Not just for day-of festivities, but extending into regular afterwards. From now on, I’ll get a kick out of being able to identify cousins and brothers in future group photos. I’ll know what it means when I see the phrase “how lucky we are” pop up and who’s responsible for that saying. I’ll recognize holiday snapshots hosted at Annie’s gorgeous family home, and will be taking note whether or not there’s golf playing in the background on all TVs. I feel like it’s more than a day we all share, but one of the best slices of life you can cram into 9 hours. With A+N, and the outpouring of love from their crew, their wedding was uplifting. Fun. And just good, you know?

Congrats, Annie + Nate!