Lindsey + Nick >> Nautical Lakeside Wedding (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

It's delightfully amusing to me, the things that will stand out from a wedding weeks after it has passed. When it's no longer freshfresh, and the day has had its time to settle in the cracks of memory. They're usually the small moments and short phrases, snuck between all of the big stuff, with a significance impossible to gauge at the time.

This time, it's when the ladies arrived to the bridal room at the Milwaukee Yacht Club. I was wrapping up detail shots, the dress hanging in the open doorway, when Lindsey walked in. I was anticipating her entry, adjusting my frame to include it. 

"OH, I'll get out of the way, sorry! ... Or wait... I guess I'm allowed to be in these!" 

It was such a sweet, sweet moment in which Lindsey's default was to be looking out for someone other than herself. And on the day when she was allowed a fair portion of extra attention, she was always happy to share it with someone else. Her groom, obvi, but her gal pals, her treasured guests, and her old + new families, all gathered under one roof. Both her and her mister were continually devoted to making sure everyone enjoyed a piece of their attention, a good time, and a fresh drink. And for this, I raise my drink (currently: black coffee) to the new Mr. and Mrs. for being such a warm, wonderful, and utterly charming couple.

Congrats, lovebirds!