Mallory + Thomas >> Green Acres Event Center Wedding! (Eden Prairie, MN)

What. A. Way. To kick off my 2019 season, showing a wedding that I connected with on so many levels—
A day for Mallory and Thomas.
A day full of quirk and sentimentality: my favorite combination.

Early on in the process with M+T, it became pretty clear that the pillar they wanted to plan their day around was family. They wanted to fully honor that it wasn’t just the two of them joining their worlds, but all their nearest and dearest. And on top of that: they wanted it to be fun. (Yesssss!) Enter the quirk!

In traditional fashion, M+T wanted to wait until the ceremony to see each other.
But the music the guests were treated to before the big walk included such amusements as an instrumental version of Radiohead’s Creep.

Mallory chose a gorrrgeous white gown for the day, adorned with heirloom earrings passed down on Thomas’s side of the family, and a hairpiece her own grandmother wore for her wedding.
But our girl still knows how to break it down and changed into a flirty getaway dress with wedge sneakers at the end of the night.

M’s family pastor said grace before our meal, signaling the start of the reception.
And then we all piled up plates of gourmet pizza (THERE WERE FIGS ON MINE, GUYS) followed by a sundae station (shout-out to Bridgeman’s Ice Cream!)

Sewn inside M’s dress was her grandfather’s old compass.
Inside her dad’s pocket, was a shorn Barbie doll head that Mallory mutilated as a kid. (Evidence of this can be found in the father/daughter dance photos near the end! I laughed. A lot.)

Such a beautiful day for two incredible people.
And two—or should I say one?—incredible family.

Congrats, M+T!