Taryn + Justin >> Lovebirds!

(Okay, I will.)

First, let’s address a myth about booking a professional session. You don’t need to be engaged. You don’t need to have a baby. You don’t need to have a wedding. All ya really need is a desire to document where you are at this stage in your life, and I do truly believe all stages are worthy of recognition. Taryn reached about a session because these Florida cuties were going to be in town and she wanted updated photos. (And then Justin secretly reached out, intending to gift it to her for her birthday. WOAH, boyfriend points.) So already: they were there because they wanted to be and valued the experience for what it was.

Which leads to the session itself: dreeeeam! (I’ll say it again, and probably a few more times.) They were so full of vitality (esp for our 6am call time) and our whole session was a perfect mix of playful and romantic. They were wonderfully easy to photograph and I was happily drawn into their energy. And for the record: when you see the 7th photo down, the kiss-in-the-street-hold, that was me simply suggesting “How about we dance in the street?” And them saying, “Like this?” as they demonstrated the most graceful hop into that hold. So, YEAH! Like that, plz!

SO HAPPY I had the pleasure of having these two in front of my camera. For the rest of the day following our session, it put me in the best mood, and finishing up their edits this morning, it has continued to do so.

Woohooo, Taryn + Justin!
(Who also deserve an oo-la-la, Taryn + Justin.)