Josie + Jas >> Engaged!

There are all sorts of things that give me the warm fuzzies when it comes to Jas and Josie’s engagement session. (So much so, that I’ve already updated my official portfolio with 2 of the images below, I love it all so much.)

Let’s start with J+J’s willingness to meet me at the lake at 6am for their session. I much prefer mornings for the calm surroundings + stellar light, and feel so grateful they saw the value in it too. It also meant that our pal Bonnie had less distractions on the path and there were far fewer witnesses to my embarrassing (but no fail!) dog noises.

Getting to talk about Vietnam (although Jas definitely had better luck at the tailor’s shop than I did as evidenced by his jacket) and all things travel! It’s also where Jas proposed to Josie and will forever be a part of their love story.

Once it was over, hearing that the experience was actually fun for them. It’s so important to me that getting your photo taken be as easy + lighthearted as possible. I want it to feel like we’re all just hanging out, but with a dash of paparazzi.

And now, imagining more of the same photo goodness, except substitute a flat horizon for the mountains of Montana (!!!) add in a white dress and some flowers, and we’ve got ourselves a wedding! It’s always humbling to be chosen to photograph a wedding, but especially so when your couple is bringing you along for the ride halfway across the country. Can’t wait, can’t wait, cant waaaait! But in the meantime, I’ll content myself with patiently envisioning these two clinking glasses on their getaway boat after their ceremony. It’s gonna be a great one!! (Although these two could get married anywhere, and I think I’d still be just as excited.)

Congrats, J+J! (+B)