Nicole + Eric >> SHE SAID YES!

I tell ya what, I don’t think there’s a more emotional session than when I’m invited to photograph a proposal.
Especially when it’s as elaborate as this one.
(Medical professionals + Mayo employees: you’ll prlly get a kick out of this.)

Also, I would like to note for the record that I got an A in “Fundamentals of Acting I” in college, and I would like to thank my professor for preparing me for this role as “nondescript person with big purse going to visit a patient, who wants to be left alone.” (Although I almost shit myself walking past Nicole at the nurse’s station, keeping it cool while trying not to betray my high level excitement for her over the fact that her boyfriend and her parents had all just hopped a flight to Rochester to give her the surprise of a lifetime.)

Once in place at the end of the hallway with a view of the desk, our undercover doctor followed shortly afterwards, a very unusual chart in one hand, and a ring box in the other…

As for what happened next?

Better seen, better felt—