GUEST BLOG! Why You Should Consider Hiring a Day-of Coordinator, Featuring Sixpence Events Planning

Can I get a drumroll, ladies and gentlemen? And will you keep that beat while I introduce my first ever guest blogger to the Studio KH corner of the internet?
It's Josey Stafford of Sixpence Events & Planning! 
I've had the honor of working with this spunky, schedule savvy lady, and having seen her in action (her level of enthusiasm and devotion are phenomenal) and being a regular reader on her own site ever since (want a few extra tips by the time this is done?) I think her thoughts on why you should consider hiring a day-of coordinator are worth a listen. 
Added bonus: a few photographic highlights from the time we teamed up last summer to love up on the Schmitts

There are a lot of things to plan for a wedding, I know because I’m a wedding planner. There are an infinite amount of details that you want to include on this one day, things that you’ve pinned and hearted and purchased off of Etsy. It’s inherently overwhelming, but not always in a bad way. It’s like you have so much excitement you’re going to burst! But here’s the part of this wedding planning stuff that is highly overlooked… day of coordinating.

The part where I show up on your wedding day so that you have one person in charge of executing your day. And I can’t stress enough how vital a day of coordinator is to your happiness.

It means someone to ensure the decor is setup correctly, that your Etsy cake topper gets placed, that the chair count at each table accurately reflects those last minute RSVP changes. It’s someone to set up your place card table, to direct ushers on how to usher, and to greet each vendor as they arrive.

Having someone to keep you on track of your timeline (heck, someone to create your comprehensive timeline!) A day of coordinator cues the ceremony (kinda important,) the ceremony that they rehearsed with you the night before.

They also field approximately 663 questions throughout the day. From “Where do we put cards?” to “What’s for dinner?” from “Where’s the bathroom?” to “We need a highchair and an extra box of crayons”.

Depending on where you get married there literally may not be anyone who can do any of that. True, country clubs can normally handle most of that, but even Lafayette Club requires a day of coordinator for on-site weddings. Why? Because your banquet server is, unfortunately, not going to line up your bridal party for the processional.

Other venues may have an "on-site coordinator" but guess what? They may be concerned with little else but the lights being turned on, the doors unlocked, and the prohibition of outside liquor being consumed on the premises.

I’m being truthful.

I’ve done weddings all over this great state and it never stops amazing me the sort of tasks I end up completing. I once shoved a port-a-potty out of the frame for a first look. I’ve carried flower girls down the aisle. I’ve cut pie for 235 people. And I absolutely help brides pee, at least once a month—“Here’s some TP.”

Trust me. Actually, trust brides and grooms everywhere, you don’t want to be in charge of anything come wedding day except:

being madly in love
looking handsome
kissing your spouse on demand
laughing amongst loved ones
dancing like you’ve never danced before

A day-of coordinator is your key to all that love, to a wealth of ease and calm. It’s the difference between you fretting over a missing guest book pen, and you wishing that you could repeat your wedding day over and over again. The difference between you hating your wedding guests for being hungry, and you loving every moment of your wedding day.

And it likely won’t hit you, the gravity of it all, until the day is done, until you get your photos back and you relive the memories of your day, reminiscing on the things that were well worth your wedding dollars. If you’re spending a chunk of change on your wedding, ensure that you enjoy the day with a day of coordinator at your side.

Wishing you Prosperity, Love & Happiness,